Smartphone coupons

Extend your mobile reach

Coupons mean conversions. Now, it’s possible for you to engage customers with smartphone coupons via the vast reaching display advertising networks by adding a PKPASS file to your audio display ad. We recommend using PassKit to create your PKPASS coupons.


The coupon will be available for your customer to download into their Apple or Android smartphone wallet when they’ve listened to the audio track. Then, they can use their coupon immediately or save it for a rainy day.


We recommend creating your PKPASS smartphone coupon file at, the quickest and easiest way to design Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes. PassKit has issued over 350 million passes! And today, thousands of businesses worldwide, including Burger King, Gap, and Best Western International use PassKit to connect and engage using passes. 

Adsonica Coupon Demo

Adsonica Coupon Demo

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