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    Perfect for smaller scale advertisers 

    5 ads per month & up to 15,000 impressions


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    Made for at-scale audio display advertising

    As many ads & impressions as you request

    Frequently asked pricing questions

    What is the cost of Adsonica compared to video?

    Adsonica is typically priced as a premium on top of $3-5 CPM ordinary display media cost (under 150kb) / $5-8 CPM rich media cost (up to 2.2MB). For comparison, video is $15-25 CPM media cost for mid-tier publishers.

    What is the business model?

    For individual campaigns Adsonica is licensed by the CPM. Organizations with many campaigns can contract for a monthly subscription.

    Is there a free trial available?

    We offer a $99 concept test excluding the cost of media. The fee includes ad assembly, pre-deployment testing, access to concept test analytics and creative suggestions. Pricing for ongoing campaigns is dependent on size of campaigns and quantity.

    Do you have special pricing for non-for-profit businesses?

    Yes. Request a quote and provide use with your tax identification information.

    Do you accept payment by purchase order?

    Yes. We will provide an application form for direct billing. We reserve the right to set a limit on direct billed accounts.

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