6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Audio Advertising

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Since the advent of the internet, digital marketing has become mainstream. Businesses are leveraging the internet to increase brand awareness, generate sales, improve customer engagement, and enhance ROI. However, the digital landscape is becoming increasingly competitive as companies wrestle for customers and their dollars, causing firms to seek out innovative solutions like audio advertising.

As such, enterprises must look for ways to differentiate themselves from others and increase profitability. Innovative businesses have turned to new forms of advertising, such as audio advertising, and attained huge success. This article explores audio advertising in detail so that your business can capitalize on it.

What is Audio Advertising?

The next time you're commuting – whether in an airport or on public transport, take a minute to look around, and you’ll understand why this is the next big thing. The prevalence of smartphones and wireless earphones has ushered in a new age of audio.

Today, people listen to audio, ranging from music on streaming platforms like Spotify to digital radio, podcasts, and even offline radio. Anytime. Anywhere. Audio is indeed the new king. You can harness the power of audio for your marketing efforts. This is where audio advertising comes in.

Audio advertising refers to using audio — music, songs, tones, jingles, spoken words, or sound effects — in your marketing efforts to reinforce brand identity. It allows you to target other senses apart from sight. As visual marketing becomes increasingly ubiquitous, audio advertising offers your company an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others who only concentrate on visuals.

Why Audio Advertising?

You may be wondering, 'why should my business invest in audio advertising?' The answer is in the numbers. The statistics below present audio as a strong contender for customer attention, making audio advertising a lucrative marketing strategy for businesses, regardless of size and industry.

  • 61% of businesses intend to increase their digital audio advertising spend.

  • Three-quarters of US internet users listen to digital audio such as podcasts and streaming music once a month.

  • 60% of smartphone users in Britain use voice technology at least once a month.

  • 32% of Americans listen to podcasts once a month.

  • 3 in 10 digital audio listeners use smart speakers to access audio content.

  • In 2018, US audio ad spending was $2.25 billion.

Benefits Of Audio Advertising

Many companies worry about how their brands look. Regrettably, they don’t consider how they sound. As humans, we rely on audio disruptors to wake us up every morning, alert us to intruders in homes, and save us from fires with a piercing beep. Based on audio, we can recognize our favorite TV show, news programs, and commercials, even if we aren’t physically present in the TV room.

Companies are realizing the importance of audio in shaping experiences and behavior. They're leveraging audio advertising due to the emotional connection audio evokes. Here are the benefits your business can harness from audio advertising.

1. Greater Attention

Audio advertising captures your audience's attention to increase brand awareness and recognition. With so much visual information overwhelming consumers, adding audio to your marketing can draw consumers' attention. Remarkably, a customer doesn't need to actively pay attention to get your message. Audio penetrates their subconscious.

2. Create A Memorable Identity

Audio affects memory recall substantially. It leaves a strong impression of a consumer's memory. As mentioned earlier, people remember signature tones or sounds. If your business develops a unique audio brand, you increase the likelihood of creating a memorable identity and enhancing brand recall. In the contemporary digital world which is overridden with ads, standing out is essential.

3. Target Specific Objectives

When you use audio in advertising, you can achieve a broad range of marketing goals, depending on your unique business needs. Here are some of the objectives you can attain with audio advertising.

  • Brand marketing: you can use audio in conjunction with corporate logos and trademarks to build or enhance your brand image. In a nutshell, you create an audio identity to reinforce your brand image.

  • Influence behavior: companies can use audio to influence customer behavior that results in a purchase.

  • Provide information: audio can be employed to offer valuable information to customers.

4. Improve Brand Loyalty

Audio advertising can improve brand loyalty and build trust with customers. You can create an audio identity by developing anthems to tell your brand story and strengthen customer relations.

5. Influence Customer Mood

Every company desires to leave its customers happy and satisfied. You can use audio to achieve this goal since audio affects mood. Whatever feeling you want to induce in your customers, you can achieve it with audio advertising.

For example, McDonald's uses tones to make listeners feel happy, positive, and upbeat. Rice Krispies uses audio to stimulate a silly and carefree feeling for listeners and encourage them to embrace the fun of the cereal.

6. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays, consumers have expectations of how companies should sound. These expectations have driven leading brands like HSBC and Mastercard to build audio brand identities.

Audio branding increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that your business is 'heard.' It allows you to connect with customers on a different level and even pierce their subconscious when they’re not seeing.

Bottom Line

Currently, our world is overwhelmingly visual. We need to shift our attention from our eyeballs to other senses, such as audio. Audio needs the same attention and care as visuals. In fact, brands that overlook audio miss out on a vital dimension of branding.

The secret to successful audio advertising is knowing your target audience. Determine what your audience likes, what makes them happy, and what tones would appeal to them. Measuring audio advertising effectiveness is also paramount.

Don't treat audio as an afterthought. Harnessing audio skillfully can offer endless opportunities to your business. Invest in audio advertising today and take your enterprise to the next level. Contact us today to learn about Adsonica as an unrivaled solution for audio display ad distribution.

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