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In 2013, Mary Meeker writing in her Internet Trends report predicted that audio would be "the next big thing." Seven years later audio in marketing is everywhere—from smart speakers to audio branding. Yet 70% of the billions of digital ad impressions served each month are silent.

Enter Adsonica.

Images enhanced with Adsonica's patented technology surround the viewer with audio, giving you a highly engaging, easy-to-create storytelling layer that leverages the vast reach and low cost of the display network. And it does this with an all-in-one file that contains the image, audio and play controls. Unlike manually coded solutions, Adsonica operates solely in the browser, eliminating the need to manage separate audio files and ensuring that all the elements are available at once.

Adsonica fills a major void in the market, delivering audio to the nearly limitless inventory of the image ad display ecosystem and all the publishers that sell into that market. Production began in 2019 with several initial customers including a major online retailer of home goods, an audiobook manufacturer, a classical record label and an iconic truck manufacturer. Recently, the company signed a partnership with Aqfer to bring audio analytics such as Audio Impression Count, Listen Through Rate, and Audibility Rate to the display networks.

Our Team


William Agush
Founder & President

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Over the past 30 years William has shaped dozens of technology brands including SmartBear, Gomez, PictureTel, Global Knowledge, Nuance, Brilig, Marketsoft and ServiceCEO and Prime Computer. Among his marketing "firsts” are the world's first simultaneous trans-Atlantic X.25 networking demonstration for Prime Computer (1982), and the world's largest dial-in global videoconference for PictureTel (1993). Now a holder of two patents and on his third start-up, William launched his first one in 1978. In his spare time he enjoys mentoring, photography and Iceland.


Brian Howell

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A senior technology professional with over 20 years of industry experience, Brian has pioneered the growth of several product categories through much comprehensive research, innovative concepts and best-in-class software and hardware product development. He was part of the founding team at PictureTel (acquired by PolyCom). Over his 17 years there he helped establish new product directions that directly contributed to the company’s explosive growth to a $500M public company. Half the year you can find him sailing his boat around New England.

Our Partners



Analytics Provider

An enterprise level data platform solutions provider, our analytics dashboard by Aqfer helps us tell you how many people listened to your ads.



Advanced Creative Platform

If you're after sophisticated fully-fluid HTML5 ads with audio, our Adsonica component is integrated into the ResponsiveAds creative platform.



Radio Website Service Provider

A custom web design company for radio stations and small business, Envisionwise now offers audio display ad serving through their proprietary platform.


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