Optimize revenue at scale

Agencies & Publishers creating & deploying audio display ads benefit from the multiple new revenue opportunities offered by the unit.

Expand your digital offering

A new touchpoint to drive audience interaction and brand recall, audio display ads get your clients heard via the vast reach of the display networks. Highly engaging yet cost and time-efficient, audio display ads are the foundation of any digital campaign.

Create a new revenue stream

Help your clients harness the power of audio while monetizing audio display ads and increasing your average CPM. We're flexible with how we collaborate—get in touch to discuss working together on a CPM or a revenue share model.

Upsell advanced features

Our multiple image, multilingual, and smartphone coupon advanced capabilities provide you with extra services to offer your clients. That means you can charge a higher CPM in exchange for the latest innovations in display advertising.

Offer audio to anyone

The revenue opportunities presented by Adsonica aren't restricted by who your clients are because audio suits any brand. Interestingly, insurance is the strongest category in audio branding, followed by QSR (Veritonic, 2021). 

Ready to amplify with audio display ads?