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Our audio display ads complement other highly engaging and memorable digital audio formats by leveraging the vast-reaching display networks, previously untapped by audio advertisers, to amplify your story at scale. Did you know the Google Display Network alone reaches over 90% of internet users? That's a lot of eyes and ears at your fingertips. With Adsonica's coding-free builder, you can speak to these users in minutes.

Amplify above and beyond with unique features

It doesn't stop at audio. Amplify your audio display ads even further with our features including multilingual audio tracks, creative synchronization, smartphone coupons, and more.


About audio

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Audio Display


Brands that use music that is aligned with the brand identity are 96% more likely to be remembered by the consumer, than the brands that use ‘unfit’ music or no music at all. 


Leicester University (2008)


Out of those who gave a definitive answer, 74% of young adults believe that they develop a better understanding of a company’s personality through music.


PHMG (2019)


It doesn't take much added audio weight to make a big impact. An average 1.2% shift from other media to audio yields a lift in audio ROAS of up to 23%.

Idil Cakim (2021), Audacy Insights

New opportunity

Audio is currently under-invested, to the tune of 15%. In fact, in some industries it could be 50%+. So there's a missed opportunity for a lot of marketers and advertisers.

Idil Cakim (2021), Audacy Insights

hector muelas.jpeg
 Hector Muelas 
Global Chief Brand and Customer Experience Officer at Allianz

Sound just went from being this nice thing to have, to now being mandatory.

(AMP 101 Great Minds)


Don't just take our word for it

colleen fahey .jpeg
 Colleen Fahey 
Author & US Managing Director at Sixième Son

Having a unified brand identity in sound is coherent, elegant, and meaningful.

(Women in Voice)

paul suchman.jpeg
 Paul Suchman 
Chief Marketing Officer at 
Audacy, Inc.

 The power of audio is what every advertiser should be investing in right now.



About Adsonica features

AdsonicaStudio App

In a single coding-free web app, combine image and audio in a highly-engaging single file, then enhance your ad further with innovative extra features.

Dollar Notes
Smartphone Coupons

Provide extra value to your audience and fuel conversions—gift a smartphone coupon during your audio display ad. They'll convert straightaway or save it for later.

Advanced Analytics

How many people listened to your ad and how long did they listen for? Our GDPR and TCF compliant audio analytics dashboard helps you optimize campaigns.

Creative Synchronization

Reach video-like levels of engagement and creative possibilities—synchronize up to 10 images with your audio track to tell a better story.

Multilingual Targeting

Speak so they listen—your audience's browser language settings determine which audio track to play if you upload more than one to your ad.

Computer Sketch

Save resources—powered by Amazon Polly, our text-to-speech feature enables you to produce lifelike speech from a script, in seconds. 


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